Kim Carey is a writer, poet and photographer. The ocean and nature are her instinctual home. Kim also finds inspiration and energy in walking the inner city streets of major cities. "In the anonymity of inner city life I love to walk..there is always an adventure waiting to find me."

Kim's love of the ocean and the surreal world under the sea 's surface, inspires her underwater images."The juxtaposition of water and light and the innate energy of the sea excites and invigorates me each time I enter the ocean.I carry a small camera with me so I can l swim and body surf freely, while capturing the wonder of this magical and ever-changing world."

Kim has taught English and History and studied and practised as a Somatic Psychotherapist. She toured solo through Europe and the Middle East as a young woman. Kim has travelled to more than 30 countries around the world allowing her to connect with the spirit, culture, people and natural surrounds across the globe. She has self-published two anthologies of her poems.

For more information about Kim visit  www.kimcarey.com.au